Are You Aware of Your Business’s Unique Selling Points?

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With all the recent trends and advancements in digital marketing strategies, everyone is clamoring after efficient IT solutions and digital marketing services. Companies and organizations all want to be number one, and that is great. Having the drive and determination to get the resources and tools they need to scale and grow their business is admirable.

Among these things are web development, SEO strategies, PPC advertising, and social media marketing. Companies all aim to build a strong online presence to rank up and be visible to the market.

However, what does make your company stand out? With all these digital marketing approaches, what are the things that make your products or services? Do you know?

These things are called your unique selling points (USPs), and they are and should be the center of all your marketing and branding efforts. It is what makes your products or services unique. It is similar to your deal breakers as a consumer,

Without realizing your USPs, all your digital marketing efforts would be duds. Even in the corporate world, remember that substance should be over the form, and before you pour out everything and invest in your digital marketing, you should know what you are selling by heart.

If you are guilty of focusing on too many technical things, here are the following reasons why knowing your USPs is, first and foremost, a must.

Your USPs are Your Marketing Foundation

Just as you started with your core values and objectives, your marketing strategies need some things to support the groundwork. Starting from your discovery process and your brand conceptualization, your unique selling points would determine how your website should be designed, what your slogan would say, and how your sales team should do their pitches.

Without identifying your USPs, your marketing efforts would have no clear objectives. Although you may know which target market you are talking to, you would not know the things to highlight and focus on. In short, you wouldn’t know, and you would not be able to market your strengths.

Your USPs are What Attract Clients and Customers


Consumers all tend to be critical of their choices, especially with e-commerce businesses that are offering almost identical products and services. While you can throw in extra mile services and quality customer service, what draws customers and clients in are your unique selling points. The things unique to your products or services, things that you put on your headlines and copies, and the things that you should be highlighting.

Unique selling points are often and should be well-written. What does that mean? It means you need to form enticing but easy-to-understand texts. It would not matter if you provide top-tier products with features that your target market does not have any idea about, so it is up to you to reframe this jargon into a unique selling copy.

You can, of course, use generic CTA terms such as free, promos, discount, and sale. Now, these words might be advertising strategies, but they can also be an organization’s USP. For example, just take a look at Netflix and their first free month. Works right? Also, if you’re also looking for services, private guitar lessons perhaps, surely discounted classes rates would make you try it out, right?

Your USP Helps with Your Brand Identity

We have mentioned brand identity earlier in this article, and how it is also important to have a concrete idea about yours. A brand identity is what makes a company consistent and successful. Even during evolutionary challenges, an organization with a strong sense of brand identity would not lose its essence.

Your unique selling points would lay out the framework for you to develop your own brand identity, just as Steve Jobs did with Apple. Today, the brand single-handedly revolutionized and owned the mobile phone industry. It even ended competitors’ years of the regime. Because the brand remained consistent with its identity, despite its initial struggle to puncture the high market, it was able to create products that changed the game.

If you feel like your business is nowhere near the smartphone giant, remember that Jobs and Wozniak laid out their big ideas for the company in a garage.

With all the overwhelming trends in technology and digital marketing, it is easy to get lost in the most important aspect of marketing. It is knowing your products and services’ strengths, learning how you can market them, and capitalizing on the effort. Only then would your digital marketing strategies have substance and better chances to gather leads.

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