Creative Hobbies: Should Busy Adults Have Them?

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For most adults, hobbies are a thing of the past. With hectic schedules, numerous responsibilities, and other adulthood problems to deal with, is there even enough room for hobbies?

A common perception in society is that when you’re an adult, especially if you are a parent or are working (or both), you don’t have the time to indulge in your hobbies. While it’s true that hobbies are the lesser priority in life, adults can still make time for their passions.

Benefits of having hobbies as an adult

Adults need hobbies, too. So if you’re an adult and think you don’t need at least one, here are some benefits that you may be missing out on:

  • Relaxation and destressing  Instead of spending hours watching TV or browsing the Internet, engaging in a hobby can stimulate your creativity and help you regain energy, both in your body and in your mind.
  • Break from adult life – Responsibilities of being an adult and the stresses that go along with them can become overwhelming at times. A hobby can serve as a break and give you something to look forward to.
  • Re-establishing creativity – As children, we were given many different ways to express our creativity. As adults, we don’t often get a chance to do that unless we work in a creative field. Luckily, you can re-establish the connection with your creative side through hobbies.

Creative hobbies for adults

If you have a hobby from your youth that you want to continue, try going back to that first. But if your former hobbies no longer interest you, here are some creative ones that you can try:

1. Adult coloring books

Tons of pattern coloring books for adults are available in countless types, designs, and themes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a natural artist or not. With the intricate patterns in adult coloring books, you will always end up with a pretty picture.

2. Embroidery or cross-stitch

Embroidery and cross-stitching are found to be therapeutic by many adults. More importantly, they require little skill to come up with beautiful designs.

3. Soap or candle making

Making soaps and candles can be a soothing hobby and a profitable business at the same time. By making your soap and candles at home, you have the freedom to use whatever scent, design, and shape you want.

4. Baking

person making a dough

It doesn’t matter if you are an inexperienced baker. If you’ve always wanted to try a recipe from a website or a cookbook, now’s the time. You can turn this into a business, too.

5. Lettering

Try your hand at lettering, a type of art that involves handwriting letters in a fancy font using special pens. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can expand your hobby into journaling or designing.

6. Photography

With smartphones’ camera capabilities today, it’s much easier to take good pictures without an actual camera. Try taking a photography course online to explore this hobby. And when you find a knack for it, consider buying an SLR that can hone your skills more as a photographer.

You can explore lots of other hobbies apart from these. But one thing remains the same for all kinds of hobbies: it’s something that you shouldn’t forgo, especially as an adult with a lot of responsibilities to consider.

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