Finding the Best Kid-friendly Products and Activities to Sell During a Pandemic

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If it the pandemic hasn’t been easy for adults, imagine what it is like for kids. Parents are worried about the well-being of their kids. Are they happy? Are they thriving? What toys, activities, and services should they invest in to lessen the impact of the pandemic on their kids?

Understanding this need will make you a better entrepreneur and marketer. But how can you reach these kids and their parents better? How can you carve a niche for your business in an ever-growing and competitive industry?

Things That They Need

What do your consumers need? Look around you. The priority for parents these days is to make sure their kids grow up as normal as possible under these trying circumstances. It’s not an easy thing to do given the state of the world in general. But as an entrepreneur, it is the best time for you to look for products and services your consumers need.

One of the things that parents need most today are educational toys for kids. Since the kids are learning in a non-traditional classroom setting using non-traditional methods, parents are dependent on toys to make learning more fun. They need to squeeze in every chance they can get for their kids to learn, and that includes using even their playtime for them to understand concepts.

Activities That They Want

child drawingYou can also try to figure out what leisure activities parents are spending on for their kids. Aside from toys, parents are also looking for fun activities that their kids can do at home. You can produce some do-it-yourself kits for the kids. They can design cookies using a DIY kit or bake cupcakes from a ready-to-bake dough. They can also have fun doing marble painting, tie-dyeing shirts, and painting on canvasses. How about a DIY kit to make soap, perfume, and beaded jewelries?

Aside from wanting their kids to learn, parents are also concerned about their well-being and holistic development. They are trying to find activities their kids can do at home for them to discover new skills. So, maybe once this pandemic passed, they can enroll them in classes that will hone the skills they discovered during their self-imposed quarantines?

What Their Peers Say

Peers influence kids and their parents. Today on Instagram, you can find a lot of pages where parents dress up their kids to the nines. After dressing their kids up at home, they have them pose for the camera, and then proceed to post these on their social media profiles. This puts enormous pressure on parents to keep up with these trends.

Find a niche for your business in this kind of industry, too. What are the trends on these social media pages? Kids’ clothes, accessories, and shoes? Parents are also redesigning their kids’ rooms and organizing kiddie parties at home. Maybe you can get in the business of offering design services or DIY products such as wall decals and party supplies.

More than anything else, parents are concerned about how their kids are faring these days. That puts entrepreneurs in a position to create educational, fun, and entertaining products and activities that kids will love. There is no better time than today for kids-focused businesses to develop a range of products to heed this call.

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