Get that Promotion: How to Guarantee Your Career Advances


Opportunities are there for the taking, and you must be prepared and able to utilize them to their next extent. Employers want dedicated employees who constantly add value to the company and ensure its future growth.

Whether that means becoming an expert in effective file sync and share technologies while working from home or taking online courses to expand your knowledge base during the pandemic, companies want dynamic individuals with leadership abilities.

All you need to do is find a way to show your managers that you are the individual they want to promote.

Make Your Managers Job Easier

Surprisingly, the way to show how effective you are is not to do your job efficiently but to help your manager do their job better. If you can complete your tasks well and on time, seek to use your time to streamline or ease your manager’s work.

They will see you taking the initiative, and they will appreciate your help. Making their job easier also allows them to focus on other value-adding work. When they move up, you will be the best candidate to replace them.

Take Responsibility and Be Accountable

If you have been given a task and fail to achieve the objectives, then do not approach your manager as if you have failed. Showcase how much you learned and the weak areas you intend to bolster up for the future.

Companies highly value employees who can be accountable for their work and projects. Taking responsibility does not mean simply volunteering for projects. It means consistent effort and willingness to admit to errors in judgment and to seek help. Your manager will realize that you know how to step back from your ego for the company’s good.

Always Keep Your Cool

Never let your frustrations cause you to be over-emotional at work. Leaders are people who can keep calm under pressure and be a role model. Therefore, you must emulate this and manage your emotions and reactions well.

Companies do not promote hotheads because they cannot be relied on to work with clients or protect the company image. Show your managers that you are an intelligent and patient person by keeping your cool in high-pressure situations.

Your Team’s Success Is Your Success

Help your fellow employees, and especially if you work in teams. Employees who get promoted are the ones who place the good of the company over their success. Thus, being the person that your teammates can rely on for help and guidance will show that you value the company over being seen as a hotshot.

Help your colleagues improve their work while keeping your productivity high, and you are sure to get promoted.

Be Competent And Communicative

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Companies promote diligent, competent, and loyal employees. Showcase this to your managers with your work and contributions. Develop a positive attitude and cultivate a persona of being someone who enjoys achieving individually and in a team.

Communicate your interest in more responsibility and opportunities for advancement clearly so that your managers know that you are dedicated to your career with the company.

Cherish Client Relation Opportunities

Approach all opportunities to work directly with clients diligently and enjoyment. If you provide exceptional service and value to the clients, then they will praise you to your managers. Positive client feedback can place you on the shortlist for promotions as companies want employees that will help them to keep their client base happy and loyal.

Candidates for promotions are usually employees who have shown they can work independently while holding company guidelines. Be creative and friendly while maintaining professionalism at all times with clients, and they are sure to be impressed.

Just Make More Money

It can be as simple as that. The best employee is someone who makes money for the company. You can be the nicest, most dedicated person, but if you do not help your company turn a profit, you will never see a promotion.

Every business is a money-making enterprise, and you need to figure out how to deliver exceptional work that will earn more money for your company. This can mean anything from making more sales to implementing effective cost-saving measures or signing up more clients.

At the end of the day, what matters most is your ambition. Ensure you are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to advance your career and achieve your personal goals. Promotion means a higher salary and more opportunities to shine, but it also means less personal time and more responsibility.

Prove to yourself and your managers that you are ready and produce excellent work and improve your accomplishments.

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