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Niche Marketing

Starting up a business is an amalgamation of planning and promoting yourself. You would not be able to get clients or customers without making people aware that your company or product exists. Visit your nearest supermarkets, and you will find that a food brand giving out free samples of their latest offerings. This is not limited to organizations though. For example, even self-made authors who have been self-publishing books need to get out there and peddle their creations. They would visit book stores and hold reading and signing sessions. These are some of the ways on how to get people’s attention.

In today’s market landscape, you can choose how you want to be seen or heard. Many people will recommend checking the internet for opportunities, but do not count out the traditional means just yet. You have viable options whether you choose it to do online or offline.

The Difference

There are immediate differences between online and offline marketing. It is a matter of being out there versus doing things virtually, and both have their merits.

Having a physical presence means would allow you to demonstrate your product. People still want to see stuff in person before they decide on purchasing. This is mostly apparent on clothing and shoewear, where it is difficult to gauge onlie if something fits you or if the shade of color is accurate. The interaction with your customers is also a more intimate affair, and it allows you to show your intentions through facial expression and body language.

Online is undoubtedly more convenient. A lot of the content that you need for advertising or marketing can be made on computers. You also have a great chance to capture a wider audience through social media as long as you keep an active and sizable network. If you value time and speed, you would be glad to know that setting up a business online is quick. There are many online services you can scope out for the things that you need, like site design, cloud storage, and software.


Having a digital storefront is certainly cheaper, which is enticing for smaller businesses. A physical store, on the other hand, may cost more since you have to take into account labor and materials. But once that is built, it practically would draw attention without much effort. If that is built in a populated place, customer traffic could get huge.

As far as advertising goes, it will be a matter of how many people you want to reach. With that given, your costs would be proportional to the size of the audience. Traditional media like TV typically have rates of around $600,000 for a 30-second spot in a popular show. Online ads count clicks which can be up to $2 each. Prepare to spend a lot when you want to target a population of 100,000 or more.

Your Target Market

At the end of the day, it will be all about your target market. If you found a niche and position your business just right, you are set for success. You should not mind spending on a store construction if you are sure that you will have a steady stream of customers there.

Online, you can grow your business however you want. You can keep it small and make operations stay easy and manageable. If you see a chance to scale up, you have to pay up too since operation costs would increase. But of course, a growing business could bring in more money.

A business can only be a success when it delivers to its customers. That is why it is important to reach as many eyes as possible. Whether you choose going online or not, there is an audience out there for you to capture.

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