How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets


Airfare is the biggest expense in every travel itinerary. Everything depends on whether you can afford to go to your destination. Want to go to Europe but don’t have the funds? You may have to scrape off that plan and head instead to a different destination that fits your budget. But when you discover the art of finding cheap flights, you’ll be in for a surprise. You’ll have more money for souvenir shopping. You can book better accommodations. Having extra money with you makes the adventure more fun.

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Book Early

If there’s one thing that you should learn about booking cheap flights, it’s the timing. You need to book early. Booking as soon as possible will ensure that you have the best rates and seats possible. The moment you finalize your vacation schedule, search for the flights that you want and book the best rates. There’s never going to be a better rate than that—unless you know there’s a big seat sale coming up, of course.

Use Tools

Google Flights, for example, will give you a prediction calendar. It shows when the airfare will increase or decrease. You can use this calendar to decide when to take your vacation. The tool is so useful that it shows price predictions up to one year in advance.

Be Flexible

One of the ways you can save big on your airfare is to be flexible with your dates. Do you know you can save so much when you fly during Thanksgiving or Christmas Day? Of course, that means giving up spending this day with your loved ones, but there’s always the next day. You can use the money you’ll otherwise spend on airfare to buying gifts for them.

Go with Discount Airlines

The major airlines will get you anywhere in the world. They also have amenities that you have to pay extra for such as meals and Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’re going somewhere domestic, you can fly using budget airlines. You get to save a ton of money for simply foregoing free-flowing meals and coffee. Eat a heavy meal before your flight or pack a sandwich so that you won’t get hungry.

Choose a Different Airport

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In Japan, there are two main airports: Narita and Haneda. Narita receives much of the international flights, while Haneda is more of a domestic airport. If the airline you have chosen can fly into Haneda, choose that airport. Not only is it closer to central Tokyo (Narita is almost two hours away by bus or train), Haneda is smaller, so flights are cheaper.

When it comes to booking cheap flights, remember to be flexible with your dates, comfort, and expectations. It is possible to get where you need to go at such a low price it will surprise you. However, you also need to manage your expectations. Premium seats, for example, are unnecessary for a two-hour flight. You can choose a lesser option for a fraction of the price of a premium seat.

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