Marketing Your Brand amid the Pandemic: What Changed Since the Start of the Crisis


Consumers these days spend more time online than they do in physical stores. They would rather browse the internet, search for products online, and find stores that would deliver their orders at home. If they do a bit of real-life shopping, they mostly do this for things that can’t wait, like their necessities.

Since there are times when lockdowns are implemented, many consumers prefer online shopping for their non-essential needs. They shop for items they are not in a hurry to receive from stores overseas. These are usually items that have long expiry dates, things they need for their next projects, or those that they intend to use in the coming months.

Some consumers would rather shop in online stores and pick up their orders in the nearest shop outlets. This saves them time browsing for products they need and get their orders faster than waiting for them to be delivered. Once they are ready to pick up their items, they still have the option to shop inside the store or not.

With all of these changes in consumer behavior, it only makes sense for businesses to try to keep up. Under the new normal, brands need to find ways to cater to consumer’s needs and expectations while still delivering quality service. But in order to do that, one needs to make certain changes, including the way they marketing their brand.

Voice Search Optimization

Online shoppers continue to find ways to ease their shopping experience. They are not simply buying smart home devices like smart speakers to have a voice-activated assistant and music player. They also intend to use these for everyday tasks, including online shopping.

Before, the only way we can search for items we need on the internet is by typing. Now, we can simply use our gadgets including smartphones, tablets, and smart speakers to find products online. As long as your website is voice-optimized, it will be easier for these devices to suggest your products to consumers.

According to research, up to 55% of U.S. households will own smart speakers by 2022. We can expect more people to use voice search as part of their online shopping. This is why we need to optimize our website for voice search as early as now.

Influencers as Brand Partners

Consumers find ways to check the reliability of the products before they buy online. They do more than just ask their loved ones and check product reviews and company reviews on different business directories online. They also turn to their favorite social media celebrities for recommendations.

Influencer marketing is currently a huge hit during the crisis. This is since more consumers are putting their trust in the endorsements and reviews of influencers than random reviews online. If you want your products to stand out, then consider finding the right influencers to help you market your brand.

The great thing about influencers is that they already amassed a number of followers who trust them. Some are so influential that their followers would be willing to buy a product they see their favorite online personalities are using. No matter what your offers are, be it high-performance gear such as men’s ski jackets from Arcteryx or the next innovative kitchen appliance, you can leverage influencer marketing to give your brand a boost.

Eco-friendly consumerism

music person

Now that sustainability is a common want among consumers, it only becomes a must that you start embracing green consumerism. Think of ways to market your brand as a more eco-friendly business. This can help gain the attention of eco-conscious consumers.

Find ways to reduce your company waste and embrace sustainable practices to please customers. Be sure to communicate your intentions and the new changes you made to let them know of your willingness to change. The more you say yes to your corporate responsibility in preserving the earth, the more consumers you can turn into clients.

You can start by packaging your products with less plastic and more eco-friendly solutions. Make their unboxing experience Instagram-worthy without adding unnecessary packaging that will quickly turn into waste. Think of something they can reuse and recycle while ensuring the safety of your products inside the packaging.

Other Online Payment Options

Not all consumers are willing to use their debit or credit cards for online purchases. Some have been ripped off in the past and are more conscious of swiping their cards. This led marketers to allow other online payment solutions to cater to different consumers.

If you accept online orders, give your customers a break by providing them with more ways to pay. They are after personalized shopping and a faster checkout experience. They also want more secure payment options at their disposal.

The last thing you want is to garner hundreds of customers abandoning their carts. Most consumers do this after businesses declined their preferred payment gateway. Boost your online conversions by marketing your brand as one that accepts multiple payment methods.

The new normal led more consumers online. This may have interrupted your plans to boost foot traffic into your store. But you can leverage this opportunity to boost your reach, increase your sales, and cater to more clients. Apply these pandemic-friendly marketing tactics and you can thrive better mid-crisis.

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