Suit the Suit: Why Women Can Ditch Skirts and Heels


Discrimination exists in the workplace. It happens in different ways, such as between races and genders. An example of this is the demands on women to appear more presentable. This can weigh anybody down. One might even struggle to find valuable printed workwear online because of the prejudice in wearing something not typically seen on a specific gender. In certain situations, women are expected to wear heels to work, while men can saunter in wearing the most comfortable and status-bearing outfits. But one doesn’t have to abide by such rules dictated by particular gender-based ideas.

Here are a few reasons why you can ditch the blazer, skirt, and heels for work.


Suits can be more comfortable. On your first day at work in a suit and tie, you can feel how comfortable the attire is and how restraining women’s wear seems. With a suit, it is much easier to stretch your arms and legs, and you can bend, lean, stretch, and sit without worrying how “decent” you would look. For example, if a sheaf of papers falls to the ground, you can pick it up and not be concerned about revealing anything indecent. Also, you wouldn’t be worried about going to the ladies’ room when you need to.


Woman in suit

Suits go well with any kind of shoes. They can be paired with heels if you are the type of woman who feels powerful with each click on the floor. They can be partnered with plain black shoes or colored flats to alternate the heels with or replace them entirely. They also allow you, in the same way as blazers and skirts do, to wear simple necklaces, earrings, watches, and other jewelry. Keep it subtle and simple — unless you can pull flashy off. Nothing should stop you from trying any style.


Suits also send a powerful message across. “I can take up the spaces anybody has claimed as theirs. I can hold my own as anybody can. I can even do better.” When you wear a suit, you can radiate a lot of reliable and powerful energy. You can give off the vibe that you can be female and authoritative. It is a demand to be taken seriously, and chances are, you will be. With a suit, you can be crossing a line that has seemed permanent for so long. You show everybody that gender stereotypes should bound no one.

Suits can also inspire the flipside; men might even consider wearing skirts to work. Who says that they can’t?

What people wear says a lot about who they are. It’s alright to cherish feminine things and feel comfortable in skirts and heels. However, it is also okay to opt for more comfortable clothing choices and to cross gender binaries. Wearing suits may throw people off initially, but you’re not wearing it for them. You’re doing it for yourself, telling yourself that it’s okay to be strong and different. In the process, you’re helping others find their own voices, too. These changes can happen because of your clothes.

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