The Art of Selling Products When It’s Not the Best Time

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Not all products and services have a constant demand. Some may be seasonal, and yours might be one of those. You might ask, “How do you market to possible customers on the off-season and increase my sales?” Thankfully, we all have standard inner workings that we can trigger to make it more likely for us to buy even when it’s not an obvious choice.

Make Sure You’re a Close Fit

You may want to gain the skill to be able to sell anything to anyone, but a more important one to develop is how to pick your battles. When the general situation doesn’t call for your product or service, what you need to do is find the people who are still a fit for it. For example, it isn’t winter season anymore, so fewer people are buying Obermeyer ski pants. But you can target those who are living in naturally colder parts of the world or who are into skiing.

Get to Know Your Customer

Now that you’ve done your research on your possible customers, it’s time to approach them. If you’re contacting them personally, then you might want to find a personal common ground. Maybe you have a shared hobby, or you live near the same area. You can use that as an opener and make them feel like they can trust and get to know you. When it comes to ads, you can use details that most of them will find relatable. They’re more likely to buy from someone they perceive as trustworthy or someone who gets what they’re about.

Present Them a Need

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When you’re getting to the part of introducing your product or service, you’ll get the best results when you don’t start with that. It’s best to open with a need that they might have. Take note that this is partly talking about what they need and what you suggest that they’d want, which is something better. In a way, you’re “creating a need” so that your product has a place for their consideration.

Be the Solution to That Need

When you’ve brought your customer’s needs to their attention, you then introduce your product or service as something that can meet that. When they have a problem, they’ll need a solution, so when your offer is the latter, they’re more likely to consider buying. Make sure that you avoid comparisons with your competitors, however, since you want them to recognize you as their only choice. You’re not going to be able to stop them from experimenting if ever you do introduce the other brands.

You might notice that when you’re selling, you don’t focus on yourself or your offer that much. The focus of your pitch or promotion should be the customer and how your product or service can change their life or at least make it better. Your attention should be on their need and how your offer can meet that need and make them satisfied. There’s no need to bring up any other issue or product.

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