Unusual Things to Do to Get the Fashion Industry to Notice You


You have seen the movies. They are all very true. People in the fashion industry tend to be a little rough because of the demands of a spoiled audience. They have to keep up with the changing trends. They also have to set the trends themselves. This makes it a bit harder for them to welcome with open arms doe-eyed college students who want to “make it” in this industry.

So how exactly can you have that chance of making it in the industry? Sometimes, that’s all it takes for one person to carve a niche for himself—an opportunity to do it. And it all begins with how you sell yourself to a mentor in the industry or a possible employer or anyone else who has the connections necessary to leave the door ajar for you.

Wear Ski Pants in a Job Interview

You have to shock people you want to impress. In a regular job, that includes discussing ideas and concepts the manager never heard of before. In fashion, that means showing up in a risky wardrobe that will make a lot of buzz among the panelists. Imagine entering your future boss’ office in lita ski pants from Bogner. That will make them immediately notice you.

This shows that you are innovative and willing to push the boundaries of fashion to the edge. Wearing something as unusual as ski pants in a job interview will pique your interviewer’s attention. They will even ask the thought process behind your wardrobe that day.

Get Yourself Out There

Woman in suit

How will people in the fashion industry notice your unique style if it’s not, well, unique at all? Find something that no one else is doing. If you look on the internet, there aren’t plenty of resources for unusual office attires. You can experiment with different seasonal looks for the office.

You can be the office-wardrobe guru wherein you’ll guide people on how to use seasonal wardrobe (even their bathing suits) in the office. Use social media to get people in the industry to notice you. Partnering with local brands is another great way to start your way to the top.

Start at the Bottom

The best way to make it in an industry is from the bottom. Fashion houses offer a lot of internships for those who are willing to give up their summer plans. They might not even pay you a cent, but you will learn a lot by being in the real world. You can get a degree in fashion merchandising, but there’s nothing like seeing how the industry actually works.

It’s okay to start from the bottom for as long as you will embrace all the things you learn. It’s a great way to see if this is something you truly want. You need to be okay with starting at the bottom. There’s no better way to test your knowledge, hone your skills, and even land you a permanent position.

Your enthusiasm and creativity are your best assets when you want to get into the fashion industry. It’s daunting and overwhelming. But with a lot of work and an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses, you can carve a role for yourself.

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